Thesaurus of Old English Database - Result - OE phrases



Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Land
n                        .Episcopal property
n                        bisceophām
n                        bisceopland o
n                        bisceoprīce
n                        .Monastic property/land
n                        mynsterland o
n                        mynsterþing o
n                        ..Land to defray (food) expenses
n                        bēodland
n                        fōstorland
n                        ..Land to defray clothing expenses
n                        scrūdland o
n                        .Church property/territory
n                        ciricland
n                        ..Churchyard
n                        cyrichege
n                        cyrictūn
n                        .A holy well
n                        hālig wiell
n                        .Land allotted to priests
n                        sācerdland o
n                        .Land supporting priest
n                        scriftæcer
n                        .A parish
n                        rihtscīr o
n                        ..Assigned to a priest
n                        rihtscriftscīr
n                        .Land producing tithes
n                        tēoþungland o
n                        ..An acre set apart for tithes
n                        tēoþa æcer
n                        .Land devoted to alms
n                        ælmesæcer o
n                        ælmesland