Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Service, obligation, duty
n                        hīernes
n                        .A duty, service, payment, etc.
n                        (ge)riht
n                        .An obligatory service, office, duty
n                        nӯdriht
n                        .A charge, duty
n                        byrþen
n                        pleoh
n                        þearf
n                        .A debt, due, obligation
n                        scyld
n                        .Performance of services of 'in-land'
n                        inwaru o
n                        .Obligation of dues to the king
n                        ūtwaru o
n                        ..Of tenant to convey goods and messengers
n                        eafor
n                        .Duty to supply beasts of burden
n                        sēam
n                        .Duty to perform corvee-work
n                        weorcrǣden o
n                        .Duty of building a weir
n                        werbold o
n                        .Landowner's duty to arrest thief
n                        þēoffeng
aj                        .Liable for debt, bound by obligation
aj                        scyldig
aj                        .(Of service) owed, due
aj                        āgenlic
aj                        .Liable for repair of walls of town/fortress
aj                        burhbōt
v                        .Shall, ought, must
v                        sceal
v                        .(Of due, privilege, etc.) to belong to
v                        hīeran tō
v                        .(Of payment, etc.) to belong, be due
v                        (ge)byrian
v                        .To supply with food/lodging as duty
v                        (ge)feormian
v                        .To hold land and perform services
v                        land āwerian/(ge)werian