Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Abstinence/exemption (from)
n                        stil(l)nes
n                        .Freedom (from trouble, etc.)
n                        frēodōm
aj                        .Not accountable, not responsible
aj                        unscyldig
aj                        .Free, unaffected, exempt
aj                        frēo
aj                        .Exempted, quit of
aj                        stille
aj                        ..Free/exempt from sin/crime
aj                        þinglēas
aj                        ..Freed from a charge, excused
aj                        onsæc g
v                        .Is not obliged/bound (to do)
v                        nāh
v                        .To be exempt from
v                        āspelian of
v                        ..To get clear of, get exemption
v                        scīran