Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Covenant, assurance of faith, promise
n                        (ge)fæstnung
n                        trēow
n                        (ge)trēowþ
n                        .A promise, covenant
n                        frumsprǣc
n                        .A solemn assurance, covenant, word
n                        trūwa
n                        word
n                        ..A solemn compact
n                        hēahtrēow op
n                        .A pledge, solemn promise, covenant, compact
n                        wedd
v                        .To engage, pledge oneself
v                        (ge)trēowsian
v                        .To make a matter sure, engage, promise
v                        getrymman
v                        .To give one's word to
v                        trēowe geniman tō
v                        .To give (a pledge)
v                        betǣcan
v                        .To confess a purpose, promise, vow
v                        andettan
v                        .To profess oneself ready for
v                        behātan
v                        .To will, profess, claim
v                        willan