Thesaurus of Old English Database - Result - OE phrases



Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        A public office
n                        diht
n                        þēnung
n                        gewrixl
n                        .An honourable position
n                        weorþmynd
n                        weorþnes
n                        weorþscipe
n                        .Act of serving officially
n                        þēnung
n                        .Discharge of an office, business, etc.
n                        notu
n                        .Office of great lord
n                        ealdordōmscipe
n                        .Stewardship
n                        gerēfscipe
n                        gerēfscīre
n                        .Administration of an estate
n                        tūnscīr
v                        .To fix upon for an office
v                        findan
n                        .To nominate, appoint to office
n                        (ge)namian (tō)
n                        nemnan
n                        getītelian tō
v                        .To assign, appoint (to office, duty)
v                        āsettan
v                        geendebyrd(i)an
v                        (ge)sellan
v                        (ge)settan (in/on)
v                        getellan
v                        .To entrust (work, office, etc.) to
v                        betǣcan
v                        on trēowe gelǣtan
v                        .To be appointed to an office
v                        hlēotan
v                        .To take office
v                        fōn tō
v                        ..To act as steward, act in authority
v                        gescīran
v                        .(Of office) to be vacant, rest
v                        blinnan
v                        .To remove from office, etc., depose
v                        gesettan ūt
v                        .To retire from office, cease work
v                        gesittan