Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Kings and queens
n                        .A rightful king
n                        riht cyning
n                        .A later king
n                        æftercyning o
n                        .A dependent king
n                        undercyning
n                        .An earthly king
n                        eorþcyning
n                        woruldcyning
n                        .A heathen king
n                        hǣþencyning op
n                        .An eastern king
n                        ēastcyning o
n                        .An island king
n                        ēalandcyning o
n                        .A king of England
n                        angelcyning
n                        bretwalda o
n                        hlāford
n                        .A king with sea-power
n                        sǣcyning op
n                        .A mighty king
n                        brytencyning op
n                        brytenwealda
n                        mægencyning p
n                        .A warlike king
n                        gūþcyning p
n                        gūþweard p
n                        ..King preceded by a banner
n                        segncyning op
n                        .A warlike queen
n                        gūþcwēn p
n                        ..A victorious queen
n                        sigecwēn p