Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        A physical difficulty, strait
n                        nearu
n                        .A danger, hindrance, obstacle, difficulty
n                        meoring op
n                        wearn
n                        .Physical inconvenience, difficulty
n                        nearones
n                        .Need, distress, straits, difficulty
n                        þearf
n                        .A physical barrier
n                        hrama q
n                        .A check, stay, clamp
n                        underscyte
n                        .Skill in hindering access
n                        nearocræft op
aj                        .Arduous, rough, hard, difficult
aj                        clincig og
aj                        gēandӯne o
aj                        hēah
aj                        stearc
aj                        sticol
aj                        .Difficult to pass through
aj                        earfoþfēre o
aj                        .Difficult of access
aj                        orweg g
aj                        ..Impassable, without a road
aj                        ungefaren g
aj                        ..Trackless, difficult
aj                        ungefērenlic o
v                        .To be in straits
v                        nearu þrōwian
v                        .To crowd someone, give little space
v                        (ge)nierwan
v                        .To blockade, surround
v                        forsittan
v                        .To trip up, cause to stumble/fall
v                        āscrencan
v                        fyllan
v                        scremman o
v                        (ge)screncan
p                        .Against, in the way of
p                        wiþ