Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Use (made of things), service
n                        ār
n                        bryce
n                        notu
n                        þēnung
n                        woruldbroc o
n                        .Glorious use, glorious service
n                        wuldornytting op
n                        .An office, service
n                        weldǣd
n                        .Behoof, need, use
n                        behōf
n                        .Necessary use, requirement, need
n                        nӯdbrice o
v                        .To use, make use of, employ
v                        ātēon
v                        (ge)brūcan
v                        (ge)dōn tō
v                        (ge)notian
v                        .To take/get and use
v                        geniman
v                        .To apply, employ for a purpose
v                        geþēodan
v                        .To have recourse to
v                        becuman on
v                        .To touch, make use of, have to do with
v                        hrepian/hreppan
v                        .To use, subject to operation, manage
v                        (ge)macian
v                        .To enjoy, use
v                        (ge)brūcan
v                        (ge)brӯc(s)ian
v                        gebrytsnian
v                        bryttian
v                        geearnian
v                        nēotan
v                        (ge)nyttian
v                        ..Enjoys, uses
v                        beneah
v                        ..To consume, eat up, deplete
v                        benotian o
v                        genotian o