Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        A saying, speech, statement
n                        sagu
n                        .A declaration, intimation, report
n                        forþspell op
n                        .An account, ordered speech
n                        gescēad
n                        .A making known, telling, narration
n                        cӯþing o
v                        .To say, state
v                        (ge)cweþan
v                        cwiddian
v                        gereccan
v                        .To express
v                        geþryccan
v                        geþrӯn
v                        ..To express (thanks)
v                        cunnan
v                        .To open the mind, speak, disclose thoughts
v                        onspannan
v                        .To make an incomplete statement
v                        cӯþan be dǣle
v                        .To persist in a statement
v                        geedlǣcan
v                        willan habban
v                        .To put words in another's mouth
v                        settan on mūþe