Thesaurus of Old English Database - Result - OE phrases



Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        A question, inquiry, questioning
n                        (ge)ǣsce
n                        (ge)āscung
n                        befrīnung g
n                        frægning
n                        frāsung
n                        fregen
n                        (ge)frignes
n                        frignung
n                        sōcn
n                        .Inquiry, inquisition, investigation
n                        cnēatung g
n                        spyrung g
n                        .A question, case to be explained
n                        sprǣc
n                        .An interrogator
n                        frāsende
aj                        .Unasked
aj                        unābeden
aj                        ungeāxod o
v                        .To ask, question
v                        (ge)āscian
v                        befrignan
v                        (ge)frægn(i)an g
v                        (ge)frignan
v                        infrignan og
v                        .To ask about, enquire
v                        (ge)āscian
v                        gefrāgian g
v                        (ge)frāsian
v                        (ge)fricgan
v                        (ge)frignan
v                        ..Exhaustively
v                        þurhfrignan og
v                        .To investigate, question
v                        sēcan
v                        .To question, interrogate
v                        befrignan (be/of/ymbe)
v                        .To seek to know, enquire (about)
v                        (ge)cunnian
v                        (ge)fandian
v                        (ge)spyrian æfter
v                        .To search out, find out by enquiry
v                        nēosian
v                        .To seek to be told
v                        sēcan on mūþe
v                        .To ask for, inquire for
v                        (ge)āscian
v                        .To ask, demand to be told
v                        āscian