Thesaurus of Old English Database - Result - OE phrases



Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        An end, goal
n                        ende
n                        .Aim, sight, mark, objective
n                        syge q
n                        ..A mark to aim at
n                        mircels
n                        .An object, purpose, objective
n                        þing
av                        .With definite aim, with certainty
av                        mid gewisse
av                        .In order that, to an end
av                        on þā gerād þæt
av                        tō þӯ . . . þæt
av                        ..For that end/purpose
av                        þǣrtō
v                        .To aim at, go after, aspire to
v                        mynian
v                        .To seek, strive after
v                        hāwian æfter
v                        (ge)sēcan
v                        ..To strive to attain
v                        fundian (tō))
v                        fylgan
v                        (ge)sēcan
v                        .(Of mind, etc.) to have as objective
v                        licgan on
p                        .With a view to
p                        þurh
p                        .With, towards, to, at, against
p                        wiþ