Thesaurus of Old English Database - Result - OE phrases



Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Wariness, carefulness
n                        wærlicnes o
n                        .Wariness, caution, prudence
n                        wærnes
n                        wærscip
n                        .A taking heed, caution, watchful care
n                        warnung
n                        waru
aj                        .Cautious, wary, prudent
aj                        wær
aj                        wærlic
aj                        ..Attentive to a warning, wary
aj                        wær
aj                        ..Careful to avoid, on guard against
aj                        wær
aj                        .Cautious, reserved
aj                        behealden
aj                        ..Cautious in speech
aj                        wærsagol o
aj                        wærwyrde
av                        .Warily, cautiously, circumspectly
av                        wærlīce
v                        .To take care
v                        behāwian
v                        ware niman
v                        .To be careful about, take precautions
v                        rēcan
v                        warian
v                        .To be apprehensive of
v                        āsittan