Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        The head (as seat of thought)
n                        hēafod
n                        .Intellect, intellectual part of man
n                        gewitt
n                        .Mind, intellect
n                        heorte
n                        hordgeþanc o
n                        hyge
n                        (ge)mōd
n                        gemynd
n                        myne
n                        sefa
n                        gewitloca
n                        (ge)witt
n                        .Mind, thought(s)
n                        ferhþloca p
n                        ferhþsefa p
n                        mōdgemynd p
n                        mōdgeþanc p
n                        mōdgeþōht op
n                        ..Secret thoughts
n                        hordloca p
n                        mōdhord op
v                        .To come to, occur to the mind
v                        beiernan on mōd
v                        cuman on gemynde
v                        (ge)iernan on mōd
v                        iernan on gemynde
n                        .A thought, an idea
n                        geþanc
n                        geþōht
n                        mōdgeþanc p
v                        .To form an idea in the mind, conceive
v                        þencan
v                        .To conceive of, consider
v                        understandan be
v                        .(Of an idea/state) to take possession of
v                        ofsittan
v                        warian
n                        .A preconceived idea
n                        foreþanc