Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Fortune, Fate (personification)
n                        (ge)wyrd
n                        .Wheel of Fortune
n                        þæt hwerfende hwēol
n                        .The Fates
n                        wyrde
n                        ..One of the Fates
n                        metten o
n                        .A fated hour
n                        gesceaphwīl op
aj                        .Granted by fate, given
aj                        ēaden p
aj                        gifeþe
aj                        .Appointed, arranged
aj                        gescrifen
v                        .To decree, appoint, allot, assign
v                        (ge)scieppan
v                        (ge)scrīfan
v                        .To dictate, bring forth
v                        myntan
v                        .To fall to one's lot
v                        (ge)tīdan
v                        .(Of what lies before one) to be appointed
v                        gelicgan