Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Nature, established order of things
n                        gecynd
n                        .Nature, natural condition (external)
n                        gesceap
n                        .Generic nature or quality
n                        (ge)cynd
n                        ..A nature peculiar to one species
n                        sundorgecynd op
n                        .A natural quality or property
n                        āgennes
n                        (ge)cynd
n                        ..(Of a herb) a godlike quality
n                        godcundnes
n                        .Quality or nature
n                        æþelu
n                        missenlicnes
n                        swilcnes
n                        .Inborn nature, natural disposition
n                        æþelborennes
n                        (ge)cynd
n                        .Nature, natural character
n                        gebyrd
aj                        .Natural, in agreement with nature
aj                        gecyndelic
aj                        .Naturally pertaining to
aj                        gecynde
aj                        .Natural to, innate
aj                        (ge)æþele
aj                        cwiþenlic og
aj                        gecynde
aj                        (ge)cyndelic
aj                        ..Born, situated by birth
aj                        æþelboren
aj                        (ge)boren
aj                        gebyrde
aj                        ongeboren
aj                        .That belongs
aj                        lenge
aj                        .Unnatural, uncharacteristic
aj                        un(ge)cynde
aj                        ungecyndelic
aj                        ..Not natural to one
aj                        fremde
aj                        ungebyrde
aj                        ..Contrary to nature, monstrous
aj                        ungecyndelic
av                        ..Unnaturally
av                        ungecyndelīce
v                        .To have a place in
v                        niman in
v                        ..To be inherent in, inhere
v                        bēon/wesan gelōgod on
v                        clengan op
v                        clifian
v                        onclifian
v                        oþclīfan op
v                        stician on
v                        .To become, attain the character of
v                        belimpan tō
v                        (ge)weorþan tō
v                        .To belong, pertain, appertain to
v                        belimpan
v                        oþlengan
v                        .To have (as an attribute)
v                        (ge)habban
v                        .To invest with attributes
v                        gegyrdan