Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        State, condition
n                        stede
n                        (ge)þing
n                        wyrdnes q
n                        .Natural state or condition
n                        (ge)cynd
n                        gesceaft
n                        gesceap
n                        .External condition, state, position
n                        gesceaft
n                        .Original condition or constitution
n                        ealdgecynd p
n                        frumsceaft
n                        .A condition that continues
n                        forþgesceaft p
aj                        .Constituted, of such a kind
aj                        gerād
v                        .To be the condition of things, be
v                        bēon/wesan
v                        (ge)standan
v                        .To be placed in certain circumstances
v                        licgan
v                        .To be habitually so
v                        gān
v                        gangan
v                        .To reach a state/condition, come to
v                        cuman tō
v                        .To reach, attain
v                        (ge)folgian
v                        gerǣcan