Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        Aught, anything, something
n                        ǣnigwiht
n                        āwiht
n                        edwihte op
n                        .A being one with, common existence
n                        samodwist o
n                        samwist
aj                        .Material (aj)
aj                        ūterlic
aj                        .Without a beginning
aj                        unāgunnen o
aj                        unbegunnen
aj                        unongunnen o
aj                        ..Not begotten
aj                        selfsceafte op
aj                        unācenned
v                        .To be
v                        bēon/wesan
v                        ..To lie in, reside, be
v                        onstandan
v                        ..To consist of/in, subsist, be
v                        wunian
v                        .To be, become
v                        bēon/wesan
v                        becuman tō
v                        (ge)weorþan (on)
v                        ..To become, be made, be
v                        (ge)weorþan
v                        ..To get, become
v                        cuman
v                        ..To come into existence
v                        gesǣlan
v                        ..(Of things) to be made
v                        gelimpan
v                        ..To be transferred to, become
v                        becuman (on)
v                        cuman
v                        gangan
v                        gelimpan
v                        (ge)þēon (tō)
v                        (ge)weorþan (on/tō)