Thesaurus of Old English Database - Result - OE phrases



Part of Speech Word Flag
n                        A sufficiency, sufficient supply
n                        (ge)nyhtsumnes
n                        .Sufficiency, right amount
n                        gemet
n                        genyht
n                        ..Some, a deal/lot/portion
n                        dǣl
n                        .Plenty, enough, an ample supply
n                        genēah
n                        genōg
n                        genyhtsumnes
aj                        .Meeting the case, sufficient
aj                        gemetlic
aj                        .Sufficient, ample
aj                        fulhealden og
aj                        ginne p
aj                        gōd
aj                        genōg
aj                        rūm
av                        .Sufficiently
av                        genōg
av                        genyhtsumlīce
av                        .Abundantly, sufficiently
av                        geneahhe
v                        .To be sufficient, to suffice
v                        līcian
v                        (ge)nōg bēon/wesan
v                        (ge)nyhtsumian
v                        wel līcian
v                        .Not to be insufficient, to last
v                        gelǣstan
v                        .To be sufficient for, support
v                        ācuman
v                        .To satisfy
v                        gefyllan
v                        .To have enough
v                        habban genōg