Part of Speech Word Flag
aj                        (Of degrees of descent) great-, grand-
aj                        eald
n                        .Grandfather
n                        ealda fæder
n                        ealdefæder
n                        ieldra fæder
n                        .Grandmother
n                        ealde mōdor
n                        .Great grandfather
n                        þridda fæder
n                        ieldra fæder
n                        .Great grandmother
n                        þridde mōdor
n                        .Great great grandfather
n                        fēorþa fæder
n                        .Great great grandmother
n                        fēowerþe mōdor
n                        .Great great great grandfather
n                        fīfta fæder
n                        .Great great great grandmother
n                        fīfte mōdor